Special Things to Find in 2023 Coachella

Special Things to Find in 2023 Coachella

Special Things to Find in 2023 Coachella – Coachella 2023 may become one of the best Coachella events until now. The 2023 edition is surely special. For days of whole event, the 2023 Coachella is special because it becomes the music festival with most diverse in the whole history of Coachella. The event itself is great and it never fails to impress those who have bought the tickets and come to the whole concert. However, the 2023 Coachella is so different because it has three nonwhite performers. There are Bad Bunny, Frank Ocean, and Blackpink. These three performers can be considered the most waited performance in 2023 edition. Once each of them performed on stages, people were impressed and that is why the 2023 edition becomes the most impressive Coachella until now. It is true that there are many special things that have happened in the 2023 edition, and these are some of them.

Bad Bunny performed on Friday. Bad Bunny is a superstar from Puerto Rico. In Coachella, Bad Bunny performed for the whole two hours. The music genre is reggae and it surely brought nice vibe on stage. The whole two hours were not only for Bad Bunny to perform and sang songs. However, there were time when Bad Bunny changed the costume and it became chance to show interesting facts and even histories regarding reggae music. Those who were not well-informed about the genre surely can get something valuable once they came back from the concert.

Then, there was Blink 182. People surely know the band. In 2023 Coachella, the band brought its main lineup. Mark Hoppus still became the singer with his bass, Travis Barker was on the drum, and Tom DeLonge on the guitar. The performance of Blink 182 was special because it became its return after decade. Actually, their comeback was expected to happen on March but it was cancelled because Travis Barker got injuries on his fingers .Thus, the appearance on Coachella was really great and people waited for this. The comeback was really successful and people who have longed wait for them to return on stage was satisfied with the appearance of these trio.

One of the most awaited performance was surely Blackpink. The girl group from South Korea was really successful and its popularity became bigger with its latest album, Pink Venom. Blackpink also held the world tour and performing in Coachella becomes one of the biggest part of tour and surprises for the fan. Blackpink has many fans from all around the world and it was proven when the four girls performed on stage on Saturday. They were able to perform well. Their songs, dance, and stage performance were so great. Of course, they also made pink ocean that really impressed the world. Jennie, Jisoo, Rose, and Lisa really showed their best performances on stage of Coachella. The performance also strengthened the claim that this girl group is currently the best group in K-Pop. On Sunday, there was Frank Ocean.

Although people had to wait for an hour because of the late schedule, they still waited for him to perform. The performance was surely special. Frank Ocean became one of the special performances that people wanted to see in 2023 Coachella and they were satisfied with the songs and stage performance. Frank Ocean came on stage and performed with band. The stage was also designed properly to highlight the performance.

As for special performers, DIljit Dosanjh should also be mentioned. This is for the first time in Coachella when there was a Punjabi performers. Dosanjh did not want to miss the opportunity and he sang all of his popular songs on stage. His stage performance was also great and iconic where he wore the Punjabis style of outfit. He had the Punjabi garb. There was also turban, shades, and yellow gloves. The unique performance was so interesting and people love the whole stage when he sang the songs. As for the performers, MUNA are also interesting. They brought their 2022 hit, Silk Chiffon. MUNA were not alone on the stage because they have members of Boygenius, Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus who accompanied them, especially in the last parts of performance on stage.

There are surely still many other things that make the 2023 Coachella so special. The music festival had made many changes to make it attract more music enthusiasts from all over the world. It is no longer limited to certain genres. The performers were also various. It is like inviting all the stars from many countries and there are no limitations anymore. Of course, Coachella is not only about the music performance on stages. There are also games and these were also found in 2023 Coachella. Thus, it is not wrong to call Coachella as one of the biggest music festival in the world. Surely, people are also waiting for what are next surprises that they can see on the next edition of Coachella. The 2023 edition is great and it is one of the best, and the next ones should be much better.