Some Greatest Music Events and Festival in US

Some Greatest Music Events and Festival in US

Some Greatest Music Events and Festival in USMost people love music. They enjoy listening to music through streaming platforms and even play the music. Of course, it will be great to watch the live show of the favorite bands through the concerts and music festivals. United States have many kinds of great music festivals held every year. In 2023, there are many music events that can be seen. Some of them are like annual or regular events, but there can also be special events. These are some greatest music concerts and festivals in US.

First, it is Coachella. Every music lover surely knows Coachella. This becomes one of the biggest music festivals that involve many musicians, artists, and bands. All the participants are big names from all around the world and it is not only limited to the famous bands and musicians from US. Coachella has become like regular music events that will be held regularly.

In 2023, the Coachella was so special. One of them was the performance of BLACKPINK and it becomes its first appearance in Coachella. Many people watched the whole event. It no longer becomes music concerts, but it is like part of tourism because of its massive participants and audiences who watches the Coachella festivals whenever it is held. It is held in Indio, California. In 2023, it was held in April 14-23, 2023. Coachella is always long and interesting events. The whole events are always interesting and all music enthusiasts always wait for the news of upcoming events and the musicians or band that will perform in the festival.

Coachella started for the first time in 1999. It has wide range of music genres so it is not only about pop and rocks, but there are EDM, indie, and other genres. In the area of Coachella, people who come can also enjoy other kinds of activities. Games, contests, and many other things can be done for around two weeks. Thus, this is one of the biggest events held in US, and people are always eager to enjoy what they are going to watch and listen in the whole two weeks of Coachella.

If people love Coachella but they have to wait for next events because it has just been completed some weeks ago, there is Lollapalooza that is worth the wait. It is going to be held in August 3-6, 2023. The four-day event will be held at Chicago. In the music festival, there will be nine stages in total and there will be more than 170 bands from many countries that will perform during the four days of event. The first Lollapalooza was held in 1991 and at that time, Chicago was not the official place for the event. However, it changed and now Chicago becomes the home of the event just like what is found in Coachella that always takes place in California. For the 2023, the whole performers have not been announced yet, but the event always has specific music genres, such as rock, heavy metal, and EDM. It is estimated that 400,000 people will come to watch the event that will be held in August 2023.

Some events with specific genre are also available in US and these are also in great scale. One of them is the Rolling Loud. The music festival specializes in hip-hop music so all performers are from the same genres. The event started in 2015 and it gains popularity so it still can be continued until now. As for the event in 2023, it was held in March, 2023. Usually, the event takes place in Hollywood Park Ground. Although it only has single genre of music, it is estimated that more than 210,000 people attended and bought the tickets of the events. Then, there is The Big Ears Festival. The music festival is not like Rolling Loud that focuses on hip-hop music. The Big Ears Festival performs many genres from Indies to classical music so there are wide ranges of genres and performers. In 2023, it was held in March 30 to April 2 and it took place in Knoxville, Tennessee. The event was held not only on certain location with many stages, but it was held in many places all around the town. There were indoor concert halls and even churches as the place of the performers.

Then, Summerfest should be included in the list of great music events and festival in US. Summerfest have many performers and these are not limited to certain music genres that can be seen in the whole events. The Summerfest 2023 was held in June-July 2023. It started on June 22 and the last stage is on July 8, 2023. There are more than 800 bands that perform in the whole events. Then, there are 12 stages. The events are always held in the weekends so it is not every day. This surely becomes one of the biggest musical festivals in US and even in the world.