American Football
American Football EP
Polyvinyl Records
American Football created the kind of songs that held new discoveries upon each listen. Originally released in 1998, these 3 classic American Football songs are now available on tape for the first time ever.

No Sleep: DJ Clark Kent
Radio Mars 1989
No Sleep
In conjunction with the book No Sleep. NYC Nightlife Flyers 1988-1999 by DJ Stretch Armstrong and Even Auerbach, step back in time to 1989 and 1990 NYC with 4 spectacular mixes from 4 of the greatest DJ’s of the era – DJ Kid Capri, DJ Clark Kent, Duke of Denmark, and Frankie Knuckles – in the No Sleep. cassettes. This edition features a 60 minute mix from the legendary DJ Clark Kent live at Mars in 89’, located in the West Village.

No Sleep: Duke Of Denmark
Live At Nell's 1990
No Sleep
In conjunction with the book No Sleep. NYC Nightlife Flyers 1988-1999 by DJ Stretch Armstrong and Even Auerbach, step back in time to 1989 and 1990 NYC with 4 spectacular mixes from 4 of the greatest DJ’s of the era – DJ Kid Capri, DJ Clark Kent, Duke of Denmark, and Frankie Knuckles – in the No Sleep. cassettes.

No Sleep: Frankie Knuckles
Radio Mars 1989
No Sleep
In conjunction with the book No Sleep. NYC Nightlife Flyers 1988-1999 by DJ Stretch Armstrong and Even Auerbach, step back in time to 1989 and 1990 NYC with 4 spectacular mixes from 4 of the greatest DJ’s of the era – DJ Kid Capri, DJ Clark Kent, Duke of Denmark, and Frankie Knuckles – in the No Sleep. cassettes.

No Sleep: Kid Capri
Live At The Building 1990
No Sleep
In conjunction with the book No Sleep. NYC Nightlife Flyers 1988-1999 by DJ Stretch Armstrong and Even Auerbach, step back in time to 1989 and 1990 NYC with 4 spectacular mixes from 4 of the greatest DJ’s of the era – DJ Kid Capri, DJ Clark Kent, Duke of Denmark, and Frankie Knuckles – in the No Sleep. cassettes.

Arc Waves
the sound the circle
Campers' Rule Records
The sound the circle’ is the first full length studio album from Brooklyn indie rock band Arc Waves and their first release on Campers' Rule Records. The album was recorded and mixed by Gabe Wax (Here We Go Magic, Beirut, Palehound) at Rare Book Room Studios in Brooklyn. Consequence of Sound has praised their music as "a glowing tapestry of mesmeric vocals and guitars." Worldwide release on November 17, 2017.

Beautiful Disco
Heavy Rotation
Beautiful Disco (Korea), "Heavy Rotation" beattape cassette release, worldwide to celebrate CSD.

Zoomo returns with another instant classic: "Night" is powerfully soulful and bursting with energy. A follow up to his previous release with FUZZOSCOPE entitled "They", the "Night" cassette tape and flexi are jam packed with hot beats from start to finish. The cassette tape also has 5 bonus tracks that will not be available elsewhere.

Problematic Jam
Grabbing Clouds Records and Tapes
French 3-piece making improvisational psychedelic post-punk

D.H. Phillips & Camerin Kelly
Wicked Game
Ambient Abuse Recordings
D.H. Phillips (True Widow) and Camerin Kelly (LANTVRN) teamed up in Los Angeles in 2012 to cover Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" and record it to tape. Although unreleased the recording was leaked on Youtube and has had a cult following since. For the first time, Ambient Abuse Recordings is releasing WICKED GAME, a 7 minute musical tape recording.

Miss World
Waist Management EP
PNKSLM Recordings
Miss World is the new solo project from Natalie Chalal, known previously from projects such as Natalie Bang Bang and punk duo Shit Girlfriend. Taking a step away from her previous outlets, Miss World takes an exciting venture into a blend of lo-fi doo-wop and garage pop.

Little Dickman Records
2015 Critically acclaimed full length "Chartreuse" only a few left (Limited edition cassette)

The Off White
Don't Take Kindly
Little Dickman Records
"Don't Take Kindly" Limited edition gold cassette

Sharkmuffin /

The Off White
Sharkmuffin/The Off White Split
Little Dickman Records
Limited Edition 2017 dark blue cassette Sharkmuffin/The Off White Split (4 songs each)

Various Artists
Cat Shit Records
Compilation '11-'17
Leisure World Tapes
Six Years of Hits! Personal Favorites, Early Stuff, and Never Before Released tracks. Artist Include: Palest (CA) Adult Beverage (NM/CA) Inaniel Swims (FRANCE) No-Fi (CA) Deerling (CA) Nuzzzle (NM) Frontyards (PA) Fake Tides (CA) Gaza Strip Club (CA) Putamadre (CA) Lil Stanky Nug (CA) The Richards (CA) punk, space, garage, aggro, sad girl, surf, dankasspop, hiphop, etc... sure to please any and all

Atrophy Manuscript
Setup The Upset
Norwegian Blue Records
Atrophy Manuscript were a post-hardcore band from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada that were loved and critically lauded in the mid-to-late 2000's. The three-piece act released only one album (2006's This Present Day Confusion) and disbanded in 2009, never releasing their follow-up record. Eight years later, we at Norwegian Blue Records are proud to release Atrophy's unheard (until now) album "Setup The Upset." FFO Refused, Choke, Ghosts of Modern Man, These Arms Are Snakes, Geronimo

Citizen Gorgeous
Imaginator Records
Citizen Gorgeous is the second full length tape from producer, Clawman. The album is influenced by Metalocalypse, electro, vodka, Black Metal, and the four seasons, but retains a few moments of singer-songwriter clarity. It was made in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in 2017.

Marvelous Liars
Marvelous Liars
Telegraph Recording Company
Marvelous Liars is a power trio hailing from New London, CT. The melding of desert fuzz, classic rock, psychedelic, and pop sensibilities has led to their energetic sophomore self-titled album. “Marvelous Liars” has gained national attention this summer, debuting on the NACC's Top 200 albums. The songs were recorded on the NEVE console that famously captured Nirvana's “In Utero,” AC/DC's “Back in Black,” and John Lennon/Yoko Ono's “Double Fantasy.”

Franklin Bruno
Home Recordings
A collection of recent home recordings by Franklin Bruno recalls his early releases on Shrimper in the 90's. The majority of these songs are previously unreleased.

John Davis
El Pulpo
Limited edition cassette only release of John Davis' latest record.
LEO J. LlennocS/TShrimperJoel Connell (Man Is The Bastard, Refrigerator, Pilsbury Hardcore) marks his debut solo recording on cassette store day 2017. Home recordings featuring Joel on drums, gtr, vocals & more.

Various Artists
Punknews.org presents
Bullshit Collector
Narmer Records / Punknews.org
"Punknews.org presents Bullshit Collector! This mixtape features 30 of the hottest new, unsigned, and rising punk bands! All genres of punk is covered from '77 punk to hardcore to oi! to power-pop to avant-garde to garage punk and beyond! Includes tracks by Crazy & the Brains, Posers, Pushin' It 2 the Limit, Kicker, Droogettes, Hiccup, Rats in the Wall, Family Pet, Dronez, Dead Fucking Last, and much, much more! Mixed like a Hip Hop mixtape with interludes and shoutouts! Hosted by Punk Rock's two hottest DJs, DJ Johnny G and Dynamite Adam White! Oh yeah!

Stratford Ct.
Australian native LEE NANIA creates a unique blend of psychedelic, chillwave, synth wave, future funk.

Seeds, Roots & Fruits
Cold Butsed
Accomplished Polish beat-maker Emapea has made memorable appearances on many Cold Busted label compilations – such as in the IWYMI and Bust Free series – and has been selected for inclusion in Mark Farina’s next Mushroom Jazz installment. All this activity has mouths watering for the debut full length album from Emapea, and the appearance of Seeds, Roots & Fruits doesn’t disappoint one bit. Featuring sixteen exceptional tracks ranging from hip hop to acid jazz to psychedelic trip hop in the style of Mo’Wax, Emapea’s long player is indeed, as a wise man once said, “a journey into sound.” Seeds, Roots & Fruits rises above the average beats album to reveal the enduring depth of this young producer.

The Deli
Vibes 3
Cold Busted
Cold Busted is the label based in downtown Los Angeles releasing trip-hop, lo-fi, instrumental hip-hop, and other downtempo beats showcasing beatmakers from all over the place. Hailing from Austin - Texas, The Deli serves up old school vibes spread across 18 jazz inspired instrumentals.

The Day After
Cold Busted
Belgian producer Poldoore (born Tom Schillebeeckx) has revealed The Day After, handily providing a sequel to his well-received previous album on Cold Busted, The Day Off. Within its eleven distinctive tracks Poldoore has further developed his vibe-rich sound, creating deft blends of funk, soul, lounge, and reggae topped with punchy drum breaks. The Day After is filled with highlights and shows Poldoore’s keen ability at crafting floor-effective instrumental head-nodders as well as delicate melodic arrangements featuring talented guest vocalists.

The Day Off
Cold Busted
Based out of Belgium, Poldoore started producing at an early age and eventually his potential was realized by Cold Busted’s offer to release his debut L.A.X. EP . From there the pairing has only grown stronger. Poldoore’s sound is about good vibes, creating warm atmospheres that blend funk, soul, lounge, and reggae with punchy drum breaks. Among the album’s many highlights is “Morning Glory,” featuring a rocksteady beat with bright arpeggiated synths at select moments, with the bulk of the track carried by wailing guitars and chopped up blues vocals.

Various Artists
Soul Slabs Volume 1
Colemine Records
A selection of 22 tracks pulled from the 7-inch catalog of Colemine Records, a label steeped in modern groups recording deep funk and soul music, similar to Daptone Records.

Undercover Mixtape
Colemine Records
Upcoming release featuring 13 covers of classic funk, soul, and R&B covers."Orgone takes on funk and soul classics from The Meters, Funkadelic, Booker T, Aretha, Otis, and more! Featuring friends from Breakestra, Monophonics, and other LA funk/soul groups, this mixtape is a teaser to the release scheduled for January. Don't sleep, it's killer!"

Various Artists
Beats, Mines and Life: An Instrumental Journey
Coalmine Records
To celebrate the many phenomenal instrumentals that have landed on our projects over the years, Coalmine Records is pleased to release of our first instrumental compilation, 'Beats, Mines and Life: An Instrumental Journey.' The 14 tracks on here capture the brilliance of several of the producers we’ve worked with in recent years. These include numerous living legends who have carved out a massive niche in the game, including the likes of Nottz, Ayatollah, M-Phazes, and Khrysis.

Your Old Droog
Fat Beats Records
On his critically-acclaimed debut, the Your Old Droog LP, he vowed to “bring back storytelling” and now on his sophomore album, PACKS, Droog delivers on that promise. In addition to the raw rhyme displays on songs like the Alchemist-produced, “Winston Red” Droog flexes his narrative muscles both comically (“My Girl Is A Boy”) and dramatically (“G.K.A.C”) on this new album. For instance, the single “You Can Do It (Give Up)” is an ode to practicality over fantasy told in three vignettes.

Various Artists
IWYMI Volume Eight
Cold Busted
IWYMI is a monthly instrumental Hip Hop compilation designed to showcase various beat makers and producers from all over the world. "It's What You Make It" is not only relative to making any form of art, it's also a metaphor for life and how we all approach things differently.

Various Artists
IWYMI Volume Nine
Cold Busted
IWYMI is a monthly instrumental Hip Hop compilation designed to showcase various beat makers and producers from all over the world. "It's What You Make It" is not only relative to making any form of art, it's also a metaphor for life and how we all approach things differently.

Polyvinyl Records
Pet Symmetry is a power-pop power trio consisting of Evan Weiss, Erik Czaja, and Marcus Nuccio. Vision is their second full-length album, and sixth release in all.

We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags [Quiet Slang]
Polyvinyl Records
“I suppose we’re all chasing something that resembles salvation, something that calms our bones. Maybe this is some small slice of that. Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s chaos in soft clothes. Maybe it's frightened. Maybe it's fearless. Maybe it's both. Or maybe it's nothing. I don’t know, but I think about this: one day I’m going to be dust. And when my soul splits, maybe this will be the thing that sneaks me through the gates. If not, well, those are the breaks. —James Alex [Quiet Slang]”

Oogum Boogum
Burger Records
Original 1967 album on cassette for the first time ever courtesy of Burger Records! Originally released on Double Shot Records and featuring the smash hits "Oogum Boogum" and "Gimme Little Sign"!

Baby You Got It
Burger Records
Original 1967 album on cassette for the first time ever courtesy of Burger Records! Originally released on Double Shot Records and featuring the smash hits "Baby You Got It" and "Gimme Little Sign" (again cause it's so good)!

"Relentless", the band's debut album, was originally self-released in 1985 as 'Pentagram' - later renamed & released by Peaceville in 1993 - Now available as an Indie Exclusive for Cassette Store Day

Curious Volume
‘Curious Volume’ is Pentagram’s Latest Studio Album and was released in 2015 – Now available as an Exclusive Limited Edition for Cassette Store Day 2017

Red Light
Jump Up
Reissue of 1997 ska/reggae classic with 3 bonus tracks. Originally released on Epitaph/Hellcat.

Wasted Days
Jump Up
Reissue of 2001 ska/reggae classic with bonus material. Originally released on Epitaph/Hellcat.


God Bless Satan
Jump Up
Reissue of 1994 satanic ska punk classic which was issued on Moon Ska NYC and a hit on MTV's 120 Minutes!

Dub 56
Jump Up / Megalith
Reissue of third wave ska classic from 1994, originally released on Moon Ska NYC.

2 Tone Army
Jump Up / Megalith
Reissue collection of classic 90's ska gems from the band that started the American third wave of ska.

Pressure Hop
Jump Up / Ska Brewing
Incredibly diverse 23 track 90 minute ska/reggae label sampler with art from Chema Skandal. Jamaican legends, modern traditionalists, 2 TONE, and Latin ska!

Sweat Steady
Jump Up
Roots reggae versions of 90's R&B classics from Indiana's finest band!

Mixtape of the Open Road
Mixtape of the Open Road (2015) is the 9th studio album by Martin Sexton. Remember that mixtape your friend made you way back when - the one that's etched in your soul? Mixtape of the Open Road is that musical cross-country trip, blazing through all territories of style, as you cruise through time and place. This record is a charm bracelet of twelve gems strung together with the golden thread of what Rolling Stone calls his "soul marinated voice."

MJ A Rocker
Jump Up
Tribute to Michael Jackson. Imagine Sir Coxsone in the production seat instead of Quincy and you’re about half-way there. These aren’t instrumentals or covers-per-se nor a mash-ups. Original Jamaican music written and played along with MJ acapellas.

Boombox Sessions Vol 2
Jump Up

Second volume of soulful acoustic roots reggae from Montreal singer/songwrite. Recorded on an old skool boombox.

Last Goodbye / Autumn Breeze
Jump Up / Rivas Recordings

Keyboard king ROGER RIVAS (THE AGGROLITES, LONG BEACH DUB ALL STARS) released these two solo albums in 2013 & 2014, featuring guest members from THE AGGROLITES and THE EXPANDERS. Vintage organ drenched reggae for fans of TROJAN and STUDIO 1 sounds!

Lil fuzzy jams and catchy gems from Nadu. Lo-fi garage psych punk tape, recorded between the bedroom and a jamming studio (for drums) in Los Angeles. Mixed and mastered by Chris Allison of Lord Loud. Cover art by Miki Yokoyama.

Buy the Lie
Sleeping Goats Records
The band is called Not Really. We are a lo-fi grunge band from Ottawa. Our album, Buy the Lie was recorded at Little Bullhorn Studios in Feb and Apr. of 2016, because we wanted to.

Styles Upon Styles
The second edition of the Memory Foam series on Styles Upon Styles comes from a well-mannered, Russian-born Brooklynite operating under the mysterious guise of Waxwood. His debut release, Sahasrara, flows at a contemplative pace perfectly suited for solitude, deep concentration, and escaping the frantic pace of the modern world via drifting, wind-swept soundscapes.

Queen City Tapes
Three piece stoner doom rock from Vermont. Demo on green tape, j-card brown parchment paper.

Review Your Choices
Season Of Mist
Features a mix of re-recorded [Main-man/ singer Bobby] Liebling tracks from the 70's and stellar new numbers penned by returning guitarist Joe Hasselvander.

Season Of Mist
Pentagram's sixth album “Sub-Basement” was the second output of the famed Leibling /Hasslevander line-up and is regarded as their most Rock N' Roll effort.

Beyond Creation
The Aura
Season Of Mist
BEYOND CREATION cements their place among the masters of technical death metal with a ferocious blend of brutality, technicality, and melody on their debut full-length.

In Solitude
In Solitude
Season Of Mist
The definitive, expanded version of IN SOLITUDE'S eponymous debut with two rare bonus tracks. This is a must have for any fan of true metal!

The Deep Freeze Mice
I Love You Little BoBo With Your Delicate Golden Lions
Plastic Response Records
Double cassette reissue of the The Deep Freeze Mice classic, I Love You Little BoBo With Your Delicate Golden Lions, originally released in 1984 on Cordelia Records. Features liner notes by Alan Jenkins. Comes with cool tiny sticker sheet. Pro-dubbed and imprinted.

My Kinda Blues
Ghetto Sci-Fi Music
Ras_G: My Kind Of Blues is a proper sound follow up to the Bakers Dozen styled release previously on Fat Beats Records.

​​Sigmund Washington
All My Mistakes Recorded
Paxico Records
All My Mistakes Recorded is the debut release by Sigmund Washington, a multi instrumentalist and saxophone player. It's a blend of genre bending lo-fi arrangements are unlike anything you've ever heard. The album was recorded over a decade ago on a 4 track cassette recorder. AMMR is a voyage not unlike one you might experience with a modern day Sun Ra at the helm.

The Do-Its
Hang It Up b/w Talk To Me Cassingle
Otik Records
Keeping with the "1 release every year" theme, The Do-Its decided that 2017 was the right time to release a cassingle. "Hang It Up" b/w "Talk To Me" is 7 minutes of roll and soul recorded in a day at The Laundry Room in East LA.

Orange Cake Mix
At The Record Shop
Why The Tapes Play Records
This is just a nice collection of short sweet soundscapes by Jim Rao (Orange Cake Mix), a fuzzy soft space rock chillwave tranquilizer. Released in hand printed bradpaks.

Malik Abdul-Rahmaan
Field Research Malaysia
Paxico Records
Field Research Malaysia is the creative output after Brooklyn based producer Malik Abdul-Rahmaan went on a digging trip to Malaysia. He looked for record stores as well as local sellers and collectors in the country, resulting in buying over 100 albums–ranging from local folk music to Bollywood to Asian funk, disco and rock.

Chris Hound
Rare Latin And African Grooves
Paxico Records
Rare Latin And African Grooves is the ultimate collection of rare gems packed into an 80 minute cassette. Paxico Records label head Chris Hound’s musical selections connect the dots between Latin, Afro, and beyond. This compilation is so good that we had to share.

Malik Abdul-Rahmaan & Chris Hound
Ethiopian Melodies
Paxico Records
"One of Ethiopia’s greatest innovations, Ethiopian Jazz, termed “Ethio-jazz,” is a unique fusion of traditional Ethiopian music with jazz, Afro-funk, soul, and Latin rhythms. Marked by eerie and ancient-sounding tones, typical of traditional Ethiopian music, Ethio-jazz also displays the sensual undertones of soulful jazz."" - Lilian Diarra

SDM Records
Halfbird's Loomings will be released officially on October 14, 2017 as part of Cassette Store Day by Portland, OR label SDM Records (SDMPDX/SadoDaMascus Recrods). This will be SDM Records 41st release since 2012. Halfbird is comprised of: Ben Kates (saxophone; Thicket, Alme Freer), Brandon Conway (guitar; Alma Freer), and Grant Pierce (drums; Not Bitter, Young Hunter). Halfbird began as three people volunteering for The Creative Music Guild, gathered around the love of experimental and improvised music.

Tiny Engines
Peaer is an object set in motion, staying in motion. Performing with a rotating lineup of musicians, songwriter Peter Katz (formerly of Fugue, Poverty Hollow, Suns) possesses a singular understanding of dynamics, amplitude and melody, and how those concepts interact by pushing, peaking and ultimately dissolving into one another.

Wild Pink
Wild Pink
Tiny Engines
Wild Pink is one of those wonderfully rare bands that sounds instantly familiar, though drawing parallels to influences on its two previous EP has proven incredibly difficult. That sentiment remains on the New York City trio’s Self-Titled debut full-length as Wild Pink continues to chart its own unique course, growing impressively expansive in sound and more ambitious in songwriting. Recorded by Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr., Pixies, Speedy Ortiz, Parquet Courts, Thurston Moore).

Adult Mom
Soft Spots
Tiny Engines
Adult Mom began as a musical outlet for Stephanie Knipe in a Purchase College dorm room in 2012 and now falls within a playful spectrum of solo project and collaborative band alongside beloved friends and musicians Olivia Battell, Mike Dvorscak and Bruce Hamilton.

Spirit of the Beehive
Pleasure Suck
Tiny Engines
Pleasure suck, the third and most fully realized release from The Spirit of the Beehive, finds one of Philadelphia’s most ambitious and captivating psych rock outfit slowly devouring listeners’ brains with sad, beautiful pop melodies buried under the guise of noisy, volatile and unconventionally griping compositions. Over the album’s 36 minutes, the band traverses the ghostly back-roads of indie rock with a wide sonic palette and undeniably hypnotizing results.

See Through Dresses
Horse of the Other World
Tiny Engines
See Through Dresses’ 2015 EP End of Days introduced a wider audience to a sound both intrinsic and environmental, with stark contrasts between its principal songwriters’ devastatingly riff-heavy jams and endearingly honest confessionals.

Strange Relations
Editorial You
Tiny Engines
Vulnerable yet strong, glossy to grainy, bold or subdued, Strange Relations demonstrate what can blossom when you refuse to follow the rules. On their sophomore full-length, Editorial You, the unabashedly feminist and queer two-piece delve into the ups and downs of living as women in a world where one’s body is a central force in shaping one’s experience.

Eerie Gaits
Bridge Music
Tiny Engines
Eerie Gaits is the solo/side project of John Ross of Wild Pink. In between recording and touring with Wild Pink, Ross recorded, mixed and mastered 'Bridge Music' in his apartment between the Summer of 2016 and Winter 2017. Inspired by driving, particularly over bridges, 'Bridge Music' showcases Ross' love of American folk music as well as hymns and anthems. Influenced by Brian Eno, William Tyler, Eluvium, Daniel Lanois, Rameses III and the Ken Burns' "Civil War" soundtrack, Eerie Gaits provides a further look into Ross' depth as a songwriter.

Strange Ranger
Tiny Engines
Strange Ranger (fka Sioux Falls) is an Indie-Rock / Post-Punk band from Montana, now based out of Portland, Oregon. Formed by Isaac Eiger and Fred Nixon and solidified by the duo’s mutual love of early Modest Mouse, the band’s breakthrough debut full-length, the sprawling Rot Forever, was named one of Consequence of Sound’s ‘Top 50 Albums of 2016.’ Later that year, the follow-up EP, Sunbeams Through Your Head, was cited as one of Stereogum’s “Great EPs from 2016” and lead to Strange Ranger’s inclusion in the publications list of “Best New Bands.”

Floral Print
Mirror Stages
Tiny Engines
For Atlanta outfit floral print, what began as a chance meeting on Facebook between drummer Paul DeMerritt and singer / guitarist Nathan Springer has sprouted into a perpetually exciting, challenging and unpredictable collaboration. The pair first started practicing and performing in late 2014 and quickly started honing their penchant for dizzying song structures and erratic rhythms rooted in pop sensibilities.

Club Night
Hell Ya
Tiny Engines
Club Night has been a project about coming together. Whether at the shows of each other's bands or biking around with backpacks full of cheap beer, Club Night is the logical conclusion of the Oakland DIY scene to which its members belong. Each member of Club Night brings to the band their own diverse set of musical experiences.

The Blank Tapes
Collection 2003-2017
California Records
A collection of The Blank Tapes' 14 year recording career. One song off of each LP, EP & 7". Released on the brand new California Records!

Bell Stray
Scribble the Pink
Wiener Records/Self-released
Scribble the Pink is the third EP released by L.A. based artist Bell Stray. It was self-released digitally and on cassette -- both independently and through Wiener Records -- in 2016. The album delivers original compositions by an artist whose sound OC Weekly calls “compelling.” The songs on Scribble the Pink are whimsical and quirky, but lyrically very dark.

Tele &
The Ghost
of Our Lord
"Dwell" b/w "Black Balloons"
Godless America Records
After 10 years in the grave, Tele & The Ghost of Our Lord have been resurrected with a message from the underworld. Having slipped into the sultry skin of death, depression and darkness, Tele evaluates rebirth and reconciliation inviting the listener to reconsider their own mortality with two mega-singles and a mini-movie. "I dwell in peculiar places, wishing wells to deface the faceless. I can tell you the human race is doing well when you smash your skull in."

The Rust Collectors
Slings & Arrows Music
2 unearthed, monolithic tracks from the New England based rock firebrand (years active 2001-2006). This cassingle - recorded in 2017 w/ Chris Daniele (Neon Fauna, Oxen), and mastered by Chris "Zuess"Harris (Rob Zombie, Hatebreed). Hand stamped / hand labeled.

The Mightabins
Complete Discography (so far)
Mark's Mom's Garage Records
The Mightabins are a typically four, sometimes three, but rarely five-piece punk rock band from Toronto. If you love old school-ish melodic punk rock, you may just like us —heck, if you don’t like that, you may still like us! We are putting out 100 numbered copies of our “Complete Discography (so far)” just for CSD 2017.

The Shadow Tape
Heavy roots reggae & dub, lyrics written performed and recorded by Jay Champany of 10ft Ganja Plant. Wicked DISCO 45 extended style on tape.

La Tene
Astral Spirits
Astral Spirits is proud to present the North American debut of LA TENE with a special cassette version of their new LP "Tardive/Issime". The LP version is being released in Europe by Les Disques Bongo Joe & three:four records. This beautiful cassette version is will be out October 14th for Cassette Store Day 2017! We at Astral Spirits have been huge fans of D'incise & Cyril Bondi's work with diatribes, Magnus Granberg, Mike Majkowski, Cristian Alvear, Michael Pisaro and so much more.

The Hunters
Black Eyes
Sexy Sloth
The Hunters “The Hunters” is a Canadian punk rock band hailing from Quebec City. This is the band’s 4th and final recording entitled “Black Eyes”, available on a white cassette limited edition (200 copies) on October 14th 2017 in all stores across Canada through Outside Music (distributor). The band has decided to split up and record a final EP for their fans.

The Bouncing Souls
Rise Records
You can count the number of bands who've stayed together for almost 30 years on two hands, and you can use just one to count those who've consistently released quality material for the duration of those almost three decades. The Bouncing Souls enter that esteemed category, and in keeping with their D.I.Y. roots, they've done it without a major label, corporate radio, MTV, or teen magazine pinups.

Manuel Jesus
SpiderChild Records
Lead Guru of French Medieval Psychedelic band, Blondi's Salvation 2nd solo album. Combining their signature style of world folk and otherworldly sounds Manuel Jesus captures an ancient yet relevant sound for the new world.

Thanks. Sorry. Sure
Take This To Heart Records
Ohio’s McCafferty began as most good earworms should: melodies looped into and blended with pop-rock back beats, a knack for urgent relatability, and a dedication to capturing a universal feeling. The duo quickly amassed an Internet following obsessed with documenting every move the band made across their early material.

Neon Maniacs
Girlsville / Nerve Centre Records
Split Label CSD Mixtape featuring music exclusive to this release from The Darling Buds, The Prissteens, Coachwhips, The Red Cords, Mr. Airplane Man, Zig Zags, and more. Limited to 150 copies 75 in the US and 75 in the UK.

Rampage World Tour
Happy Camper Music
This is the third release from Chuck N' Lock, and the first collaborative effort between them and producer Brillo Beats. Underground gritty hip hop stripped down to dirty beats and rhymes...elements that are hard to find nowadays without looking for it.

Eyelid Movies
Barsuk Records
Phantogram's 2010 debut album, on cassette for the first time. Includes a download code.

Godless America Mixtape Vol. 4
Godless America Records
Crafted like a mixtape to the world. Not just some compilation of bands. It's an audio journey thru the swampy underground of Godless America. Limited release no repress.

Ultra High Noise
Field Hymns Records
RIYL: June of 44, Trans Am, a less harsh Noxagt, a very harsh Grateful Dead. Instruments: fuzz bass, drums, synth. Location: PNW. Vibe: brothy

The Golden Morning Breaks
Beacon Sound
Cecile Schott's 2nd album released on cassette for the first time. A one-time, hand-numbered edition of 150 chrome cassettes packaged in a screen-printed fold-over box manufactured using recycled paper by Stumptown Printers. Available direct from Beacon Sound (free shipping if you order at least 2 of each of the three CSD Colleen titles we're releasing) or via Forced Exposure.

Les Ondes Silencieuses
Beacon Sound
Cecile Schott's 3rd album released on cassette for the first time. A one-time, hand-numbered edition of 150 chrome cassettes packaged in a screen-printed fold-over box manufactured using recycled paper by Stumptown Printers. Available direct from Beacon Sound (free shipping if you order at least 2 of each of the three CSD Colleen titles we're releasing) or via Forced Exposure.

Colleen Et Les Boîtes À Musique
Beacon Sound
Released on vinyl for the first time by Leaf for Record Store Day this year, Beacon Sound follows suit by presenting a first-time cassette edition of Cecile Schott's 2006 recording for the Atelier De Création Radiophonique of France Culture (a program of Radio France). This will be a one-time, hand-numbered edition of 150 chrome cassettes packaged in a screen-printed fold-over box manufactured using recycled paper by Stumptown Printers. Available direct from Beacon Sound (free shipping if you order at least 2 of each of the three CSD Colleen titles we're releasing) or via Forced Exposure.

American Laundromat Records
Juliana Hatfield's politically-charged new album on Pink Cassette. Chrome Plus. Only 250 exist.

Say Yes! A Tribute to Elliott Smith
American Laundromat Records
J Mascis, Julien Baker, Amanda Palmer, Juliana Hatfield, Tanya Donelly, Lou Barlow, Waxahatchee and more cover their favorite Elliott Smith song on this fantastic tribute. Translucent Blue Cassette Shell. Only 150 Exist.

Say It With Fire - EP
American Laundromat Records
We're thrilled to announce we've done a very special reissue of The Caulfield Sisters debut EP "Say It With Fire" on a one-time, limited edition run of 150 cassettes. We took great care in preparing this one. Our good friend and designer Lonny Unitus reworked the original CD artwork and added some rare live photos by photographer Jasper Coolidge. We choose a beautiful purple tint cassette shell, and spared no expense duplicating at National Audio Company on the very best Chrome Plus tapes with Dolby B NR. Includes digital download card.

High School Reunion - A Tribute to Those Great 80's Films
American Laundromat Records
High School Reunion is a fun 20-song compilation featuring Matthew Sweet, Lori McKenna, Frank Black, John Strohm (Blake Babies), Kristin Hersh, The Dresden Dolls and many more covering tracks from some of those classic 80's teen films. Songs that appeared in John Hughes classics Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and Some Kind of Wonderful are included as are choice tracks from Valley Girl, Say Anything, and more. 

Early Morning / Late Afternoon
Styles Upon Styles
A close friend, rabble-rousing DJ and all around v-i-b-e aficionado, Space Jam approaches the line to knock down two distinct, classy aF sides for her SUSMIX02 mixtape entry. As a co-host on one of The Lot Radio's best programs every Monday morning with fellow SUSMIX selector, Kroba, as well as a founding member of probably our favorite crew of DJs ever, TURRBOTAX, we're in good hands on the soothing, bumping, exceedingly fun Early Morning / Late Afternoon.

The Horse We Want To Hang
Another Robo-Erotic Melodrama.

Distant Mirror
Grabbing Clouds Records and Tapes
Analog synth music - dark, ominous horror/space movie score-type stuff out of San Francisco.

Bring Real Freedom
Death Records
Re-release of the 2007 comp from this New Zealand art rock/post-punk band.

The White Stripes
The White Stripes
Third Man Records
The shot heard ‘round the world. The first album originally released by the White Stripes in 1999, now available remastered and reprinted by Third Man Records, authorized for the first time on cassette tape. The album is pressed on white cassette tapes, exclusively for Cassette Store Day 2017.

The White Stripes
White Blood Cells
Third Man Records
The third album originally released by the White Stripes in 2001, now available remastered and printed by Third Man Records, authorized for the first time on cassette tape. The album is pressed on white cassette tapes, exclusively for Cassette Store Day 2017.

The White Stripes
De Stijl
Third Man Records
The second album originally released by the White Stripes in 2000, now available remastered and printed by Third Man Records, authorized for the first time on cassette tape. The album is pressed on white cassette tapes, exclusively for Cassette Store Day 2017.

Black Beauty
High Moon Records
Black Beauty is Arthur Lee and Love's 1973 unreleased album appearing for the first time on Cassette.

Hoferlanz I
Hoferlanz I is the solo debut from LANZ (aka Benjamin Lanz). Mostly written while Ben toured as a member of indie music all-stars The National, Beirut, and Sufjan Stevens, the resulting music on his album Hoferlanz I sounds like something completely different: “Think Eno and The Who in a time warp,” says Ben.

Lewse Joints VI
"About two years ago I set up alternate band camp under the alias Bradford Thomas. Which was an alias I used to put out beats based on my early beat tapes of pause loops and raw sketches. I deleted that page but this tape is a representation of that raw sound. Big shout to Biz Markie's I Need A Haircut which was an inspiration."

You're Next
Little Dickman Records
Brooklyn's Ex-Girlfriends first EP 2017's "You're Next" on limited edition Cassette

Various Artists
CSD 4 Labels / 4 Bands Vol.2
Blade Records, Captian Crook Records, Endless Bummer Records and No Time Records
CSD 4 Labels / 4 Bands Vol.2 is a tape compilation that is released in a DIY Baggie Tape with a I-Card. It will contain 4 bands from 4 DIY labels. All tapes this year will be Blue Solid! Genres vary on the label style so you will get a bunch of flavor in one tape!

Dance Gavin Dance
Rise Records
Dance Gavin Dance is a name that instantly has people talking. One listen to any of their albums, and it’s no secret why. The band has found a way to combine elements of various genres in a way that wouldn’t seem likely for most, yet seems effortless for them. Their unique blend of screamo, funk and experimental music makes their sound easily recognizable to many, and is what has won them loyal fans around the world.

White Noise
Rise Records
Since the initial release of "White Noise" in late 2014, PVRIS have been taking the world by storm. The debut album from the band has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide to date. They've graced the covers of multiple publications, appeared on late night national TV and have been playing sold out shows around the globe for the past year. Even with their packed schedule, PVRIS have shown no signs of slowing down.

Hungarian ska/reggae singer's (Mighty Fishers, Pannonia Ska Orch) solo project recorded entirely on ukulele in her bedroom. Beautiful acoustic reggae + her sultry voice = magical.

Future Teens
Hard Feelings
Take This To Heart Records
Hard Feelings features 10 tracks of romantic misadventure, miscommunication and mistakes. The album also features songwriting from Hoffman and Vadakin. Hoffman remarks, “These new songs are happy sad. Though some are sadder than others, singing them is always cathartic.”

Take This To Heart Records
From the basements and living rooms of Ypsilaniti, MI Swordfish were formed and their penchant for connecting to their fans comes from their down to earth upbringings. Lach goes on to say, “Everything from mental health, heartbreak, existentialism and accidently burning your friends with lit cigarettes is addressed on this album.”


The Giver of Illness
Death Chants (Reissue)
Already Dead Tapes & Records
Portland, OR group steeped in old folk sounds not particularly familiar to Western culture. Vocals often sound more like chants, deep and wobbling. An incredible experience floating through the tattered, low-fidelity rumblings that are warm and destructive.

Lost Boy ?
"Enter Sandman" EP
From Long Island, NY, Davey Jones created Lost Boy ? as a bedroom, 4-track experimental pop project, releasing a number of LPs, EPs and singles over the past ten years. Since its inception, Lost Boy ? has played shows with the likes of DIIV, Daniel Johnston, R. Stevie Moore, The So So Glos, Mr. Twin Sister, Purling Hiss, and Titus Andronicus. Recorded at Strange Weather in Brooklyn, NY with Daniel Schlett (The War on Drugs, Ghostface Killah, etc.) in 2011 , "Enter Sandman" EP was supposed to be the first official Lost Boy ? release; it ended up in the vault until now.

Hamish Kilgour /

Holy Tunics
This cassette is the first entry in the GP STRIPES exclusive split series. A founding member of The Clean and The Mad Scene, Hamish Kilgour is an innovator who helped shape the 'Dunedin Sound' and subsequently changed the landscape of indie rock. His solo work is steeped in folk jams, experimental improvisations, psychedelic flourishes and, of course, the garage pop he is renowned for.

Self-Titled / No Gods - No Decaf
No Time Records / Swamp Cabbage Records
Orlando, Florida pop-punkers Caffiends reissue their first two full-length albums for this awesome double-cassette box set! Their 2014 “Self-Titled” album and their sophomore release “No Gods / No Decaf”! Two color variants to be made, 25 red/green pairs and 25 black coffee/mocha brown pairs! Features brand new art work! Each tape comes with a digital download code for both album, a total of 30 tracks!

Pharoah Sanders
Pharaoh Sanders Quintet
Personal Affair
Personal Affair is proud to announce “ESP-Disk’ Cassette Collection,” an officially licensed release from the Brooklyn based legendary Jazz label, ESP-Disk’, founded by Bernard Stollman. This is the 6th cassette release of ESP's back catalogue. Limited cassette with sleeve & Dolby

Shit & Shine
Musica Lavapiatti
Musica Lavapiatti (Dishwashing music) is the first tape of "Functional tools for a better house living”, a new series designed to instantly make you work on a specific domestic act. Shit&Shine is quite known between noisy and trippy music lovers and this new tape consists in two long repetitive and minimalist sessions with sampled elements of pop music and a crunchy italo disco flow. **only available on tape, no digital download, no full streaming**

Paradise Lost
Drown In Darkness - The Early Demos (Black Box)
For the very first time issued on cassettes. Black and White cassette housed in fully white box with artwork embossed on the front and spine.

Paradise Lost
The Plague Within
For the very first time issued on cassettes. Ivory, Brown and White cassette

The Atral Sleep
Cult albums back on cassettes. Brown, Purple and Brick Color Cassette.

Surmiser/Mister Blonde
Surmiser/Mister Blonde Split
Queen City Tapes
A Hudson Valley Punk Rock Split from Queen City Tapes! Surmiser: three piece alternative/grunge rock from Saugerties, NY Mister Blonde: three piece hardcore punk from Kingsotn, NY Pressed on yellow tapes, limited run of 25

El Vy
Return To The Moon
Cassette Store Day release of "Return To The Moon"

Various Artists
Compilation of artists that have been/will be released on the label CREAM OVER MISERY. These songs are unavailable by any other means. All tape manufacturing/designing is done in house. 4 artists debut. ***edition of 50 hand-painted cassettes each with a unique design"

Cailin Russo
September Rose
Botticelli Music
Cailin Russo burst into the mainstream when Justin Bieber chose her to appear as his love interest in the video for “All That Matters”, instantly making her a focus of envy for Beliebers all across the globe. Russo is kick-starting her own career beginning with her first single “September Rose”, which she dropped in March this year and hit number one on Hype Machine before being release on limited edition cassette for Cassette Store Day 2017.

Down the Slipstream
Cream Over Misery
The third installment of Promweather, dug from the gutters of Nashville, TN. Let the light in after years of isolation, split time with the western sky. Limited run of 50 tapes to be released on Cassette Store Day 2017.

Dumpster Tapes
Special CSD edition of the sold-out Glyders EP "DIM," on orange cassette, offering bluesy garage twang for each groove in your pocket.

Son of a Gun
Larry's Cookies
Dumpster Tapes
Chicago garage henchmen Son of a Gun's new full-length LP on tape! RIYL: kutting loose, Shadows of Knight, Ty Segall, shotgunning beers

Cupid Youth

Dumpster Tapes
Cupid Youth's debut EP on side A, demos on side B. Jangly Chicago new-wave.

Repeat Machine
Banoffee Pies / Groove Dis
Introducing the new ambient tape-only series from BANOFFEE PIES UK titled the "SONDER SERIES". Soothing electronica for fans of WINDHAM HILL, TANGERINE DREAM, and BRIAN ENO.

Spa Moans
Obedient Vibrations Mixtape
Drop Medium
Spa Moans is Chicago's own Jenny Pulse. Her new mixtape 'Obedient Vibrations' brings together post-industrial minimalism and an obsession with early 90's RnB and house music. Self-taught, Jenny Pulse brings together an undeniable intuition for structure and abstraction to build her songs. Jenny’s voice is as atmospheric as it is sensual. Her bizarre and seductive lyrics truly complete the unique expression of Spa Moans.

Year Future
Being Exhumed
Young Cubs 
YEAR FUTURE was founded in early 2003 in Los Angeles. Originally compromised of vocalist Sonny Kay (THE VSS, ANGEL HAIR), guitarist Rockey Crane (DEAD AND GONE, CREEPS ON CANDY), bassist Sam Ott (THE FUCKING ANGELS) and drummer Jim Andersen (of THE PATTERN, TALK IS POISON).

Geo Metro
Tiger Blood Tapes
CSD exclusive mixed debut album from Vaporwave producer Geo Metro. Red C74 pad printed tapes with full colour art & bonus stickers.

Illuminated Paths
ZAYDOC DACHIEFROC has performed with musical legends ,Bernie Worrell (P-Funk,Talking Heads),Fred Wesley ( James Brown Band leader ),both Wailers Bands (Bob Marley band) and many more. In 2012 ZAYDOC along with the best studio musicians in Gainesville Florida started work on a project never intended for release called TEAM DISASTER...we will talk about that later.

All Octopi Love Pizza Pie
Deadwax Records
This is my band's first release we put out ourselves with a little help from our friends last summer of 2016. We're still a band and we're called SLEEPINGONDRUGS, and make a combo of psychedelic rock and garage punk noise. 

Me Oh My Mirror
Danger Collective Records
A re-issue of Current Joys album 'Me Oh My Mirror' on cassette, to be included in a box set alongside four other Current Joys albums, and a brand new zine.

Danger Collective Records
Re-issue of Current Joys album '2013', to be included in a box set of Current Joys albums for Cassette Store Day 2017.

B-Sides, Rarities, and Demos
Danger Collective Records
Re-Issue of Current Joys album, 'B-Sides, Rarities, and Demos'. To be included in a box set alongside four other Current Joys albums for Cassette Store Day 2017.

Wild Heart
Danger Collective Records
Re-Issue of Current Joys album, 'Wild Heart'.

Young Love / No One Will Dance / Neon Gold
Danger Collective Records
Re-Issue of Current Joys album, part of the box set compilation.

Common Wonder
Amerigo Music / Groove
The man behind Fela Soul, Yasiin Gaye, and Bizarre Tribe returns with a new Soul Mates Project release, bringing to life an imagined studio session between Chicago's crowned prince of Hip-Hop, Common, and Motown legend, Stevie Wonder.

Bizarre Tribe
Amerigo Music / Groove
Classic early mash-up masterpiece. A TRIBE CALLED QUEST vs THE PHARCYDE. Complete vocal collection on side A, instrumentals on side B.

A Call to Ignite
Limited cassette release of fast glitchy casio-core on one side, and heavy weird noise on the other. Percussive beats circuit bent by experimental graffiti artist, Adam Void. Handwound magnetic tape powered by the center of the earth.

SpiderChild Records
LEECHES synth-etic punk of Gothenburg, Sweden with a harsh chemically treated album "ExoBirth".

Churchill Independent
Golden era conscious hip hop. From Grand Rapids, MI.

Caving In
The Telegraph Recording Company
On July 16, 2017, Connecticut-based garage rock trio Dr. Martino released their second EP, Caving In, through the Telegraph Recording Company. The band is back at it with six tracks of their eccentric surf pop sound, recorded and mixed by Matt Baltrucki (engineer for Sorority Noise), and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music. This go around many of the songs discuss those moments when life seems to be caving in—when the waves are breaking all around you.

All The Way
Loretta Records
Coming off his recent collaboration with DJ T-Rock ("Back To the Essence") Squashy delivers a solo offering that showcases why he is a master of his craft. While the 90's hip hop sounds he creates may be deep in nostalgia the sudden shifts in musical style and complexity are sure to keep listeners on their toes.

United We Can't Stand
Cacophone Records
The Erotics 2017 album was meant for cassette! According to The Big Takeover it's “mook metal-punk: one part Dictators, first album MC5, Dead Boys, and Loose Nut Black Flag; another part slimy Mötley Crüe and another glammy AOR.”

Donde Estas? EP
Special Cassette Re-Issue for Thermo´s first official release : "Donde Estas?" EP from 2004.

Access Records
Following an incredible 15 million streams worldwide, pop sensation Madison Beer commits her brand new single ‘Dead’ onto a very limited baby pink cassette exclusively for Cassette Store Day 2017. The Dead Double A features an Acoustic Version and a flip side Cedric Gervais remix.

Wasabi Tabe
Grime Shoppers
Mixtape with production from 7 west coast producers comprising instrumental hip hop beats.

Teenage Sensation E.P.
Pretty Cool! Records
Young Francis is a One Man Garage band hailing from Brighton UK. Coming soon will be the 6 song E.P. "Teenage Sensation ". This will be his first release with Pretty Cool! Records , adding even more awesome songs to the cosmic soundtrack!!!

The Bliss-Chasers
General Ludd Music
Cassette, in old-school folk-rock with an edge, with photocopied zine-style lyric booklet in ziplock bag. From Cassette Gods: "This tape sucks you in the side door and take you across his version of not just America but the world as he sees it. Just as quickly you hear the stop/eject clack and it's over. This is what the best art does, it takes you away and returns you slightly changed. Bill Foreman has that gift.”

the sound the circle
Campers' Rule Records
'The sound the circle’ is the first full length studio album from Brooklyn indie rock band Arc Waves and their first release on Campers' Rule Records. The album was recorded and mixed by Gabe Wax (Here We Go Magic, Beirut, Palehound) at Rare Book Room Studios in Brooklyn. Consequence of Sound has praised their music as "a glowing tapestry of mesmeric vocals and guitars." Their Cassette Store Day Release on October 14 is exclusive to participating stores with worldwide release on November 17, 2017.


Vertical House Records
2211 Seminole Drive, RR #3
Huntsville, AL 35805 USA


12 West Camelback Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85013 USA

The ‘In’ Groove
3420 E Thomas Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85018


Touch Vinyl
1646 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025 USA

Port of Sound Record Shoppe
1500 Adams Ave. Suite 104B
Costa Mesa, CA 92626 USA

Jacknife Records & Tapes

3149 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90039 USA

2579 University Ave.
San Diego, CA 92104 USA

The Octopus Literary Salon
2101 Webster St.
Oakland, CA 94612 USA

Fingerprints Music
420 E. 4th St
Long Beach, CA 90802 USA

Siren Records Monterey
527 Ramona Ave
Monterey, CA 93940 USA

Burger Records
645 S. State College Blvd #A
Fullerton, CA 92831 USA

3436 N. Figueroa
Los Angeles, CA 90065 USA


Twist & Shout
2508 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80206 USA

Independent Annex
3020 E. Platte Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80909 USA

Wax Trax Records
638 E. 13th Ave.
Denver, CO 80203 USA


Redscroll Records
24 North Colony Road
Wallingford, CT 06492 USA

Willimantic Records
744 Main Street - Riverside Entrance
Willimantic, CT 6226 USA

The Telegraph
19 Golden St.
New London, CT 6320 USA


81d King Street
St. Augustine, FL 32084 USA

Park Ave
2916 Corrine Dr
Orlando, FL 32803 USA

Sweat Records
5505 NE 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33137 USA

Daddy Kool Records
666 Central Ave
Saint Petersburg, FL 33701 USA

304 SW Broadway St B
Ocala, FL 34471 USA

My Music Bodega
2029 NW 6th St. 
Gainesville, Fl. 32609 USA

Jerk Dog Records
1119 12th St. W.
Bradenton, FL 34205 USA

Sound Exchange
8625 66th St. N.
Pinellas Park, FL 33782 USA

Sound Exchange
14246 N. Nebraska Ave.
Tampa, FL 33613 USA


The Record Exchange
1105 W. Idaho St.
Boise, ID 83702 USA


Bucket O'Blood Books & Records
3182 N. Elston Ave
Chicago, IL 60618 USA

Bric-a-Brac Records
3156 W Diversery Ave
Chicago, IL 60647 USA

Polyvinyl Pop-Up Shop
717 S Neil St.
Champaign, IL 61820 USA

Waiting Room Records
113 W North St.
Normal, IL 61761 USA

Curbside Books & Records
125 S Clark St., RFH - Curbside
Chicago, IL 60603 USA

Waiting Room Records
113 W North St.
Normal, IL 61761 USA

Shuga Records
1272 North Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622 USA


Landlocked Music
202 N. Walnut St
Bloomington, IN 47404 USA

Karma Records of Warsaw
2606 Shelden St
Warsaw, IN 46582 USA


CDs 4 Change
3305 Asbury Rd #2
Dubuque, IO 52002 USA


Spektrum Muzik
905 W Douglas
Wichita, KS 67213 USA


Better Days
1765 Bardstown Road
Louisville, KY 40205 USA


Purple Narwhal Music & Manga
822G Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852 USA


Give Praise Records
PO Box 494
Barnstable, MA 02630 USA


Found Sound
234 W. 9 Mile Rd.
Ferndale, MI 48220 USA

Street Corner Music
26020 Greenfield Rd.
Oak Park, MI 48237 USA


Dead Media Records
3330 E. 25th St
Minneapolis, MN 55406 USA

Down In The Valley
8020 Olson Memorial Hwy.
Golden Valley, MN 55427 USA


Mills Record Company
4045 Broadway Blvd
Kansas City, MO 64111 USA


Ear Candy Music
624 S Higgins
Missoula, MT 59801 USA


Homer's Music
1210 Howard
Omaha, NE 68102 USA


Heads Up Music
216 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte - Suite C
Taos, NM 87571 USA


Darkside Records
611 Dutchess Tpke
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603 USA

Looney Tunes
31 Brookvale Ave
West Babylon, NY 11704 USA

Tapehead City
P.O. BOX 243
Atlantic Beach, NY 11509 USA

Rough Trade NYC
64 North 9th St
Brooklyn, NY 11249 USA

Record Reserve
10 Main St.
Kings Park, NY 11754 USA

Innersleeve Records
199 Main St.
Amagansett, NY 11937 USA

Cinderblock People
300 W. 142nd St.
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Last Vestige Music Shop
173 Quail St.
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House of Guitars
645 Titus Ave.
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Recyclable Records
662 N. Cannon Blvd.
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​Lunchbox Records
825 Central Ave
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Nice Price Books & Records
3106 Hillsborough St
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​Record Krate-Raleigh
508 St. Mary's St
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Record Krate-Wake Forest
312 S White St
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Music Saves
15801 Waterloo Rd
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Omega Music
318 E 5th St.
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Culture Clash Records
4020 Secor Rd.
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Music Millennium
3158 East Burnside Street
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2nd Avenue Records
400 SW 2nd Avenue
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House of Records
258 E 13th
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Repo Records
538 South St
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Young Ones
26 S. Whiteoak St.
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MaTones Music
331 E Main St.
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Sonic Temple
73 North Tucker St
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CD Warehouse Records & Tapes
1213 S. Cooper St
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Good Records
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End of an Ear
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Waterloo Records & Video
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Wired Up-Modern Conveniences
2608 Dunlavy St
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Cactus Music
2110 Portsmouth
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Vinal Edge Records
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Raunch Records
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Mobius Records
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The Howlin' Mouse
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Rainy Day Records
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Jigsaw Records
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The Business
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Silver Platters
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Spin Cycle
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MadCity Music
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Ear Wax Records
254 West Gilman St.
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Admiral Analog's Audio Assortment
133 West German Street Suite 101
PO Box 1851
Shepherdstown, WV 25443 USA


2nd Thoughts Buy And Sell
1412 2nd Ave
Prince George, BC V2L3B6 CAN

​Sloth Records
736b 17th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2S0B7 CAN

180g Records & Cafe
6546 Waverly
Montreal, QC H2V 4M3 CAN

Aux 33 Tours
1373 Avenue Mont-Royal
Montreal, QC H2J 1Y8 CAN

Shortstack Records
256a Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M5V1Z8 CAN

Royal Cat Records
21 Macdonell St
Guelph, ON N1H 2Z3 CAN

The Dupe Shop
1185 Bloor St. West
Toronto, ON M6H1M9 CAN

Le Knock-Out!
832 St-Joseph Est
Quebec, QC G1K 5V2 CAN

Beat Street Records
439 West Hastings Street
Vancouver BC V6B 1L4 CAN


Tamazunchale 403
Monterrey, NL 66220 MX


García, NL, Mexico
Cintas Showcase / 4:00PM / Free / All Ages / LINK

Montreal, Canada
We are releasing a compilation tape cassette of all the artists we have in our label (Le Quatre Millimètres) at Soundcentral in Montreal / 8:00PM / $5 / 18+ / LINK

Osaka, Japan
Collaboration with dublab.jp for a CSD event and cassette release party at LOSER Cassette & Record Shop - Osaka / 12:00PM / Free / All Ages / LINK

Urban Outfitters Spaces - NYC, ATX, LA
Tape meet, label market, performances
Free beer courtesy of Sixpoint
2PM-7PM (Local Time) / Free / All Ages /

San Diego, CA
The Do-Its (Single Release) with The Outta Sites and Stalins Of Sound / 9:00PM / $5 / 21+ / LINK

Brooklyn, NY
Earwax Records in-store performances are back, with a Cassette Store Day showcase featuring Brooklyn cassette label GP Stripes: Holy Tunics (Unplugged), Lost Boy ? (D. Jones Solo), Kate Mohanty, Saxophone Reptile (Ben Jaffe of Pill/Dumb Wolves)
4:00PM / Free / All Ages /

Gainesville, FL
Join us October 14th it is International Cassette Store Day 2017 and Gainesville will be home for a free fun interactive family event! FREE VENDOR SPACE FOR RETRO ITEMS! MyMusicBodega.com and the great folks at Curia on the drag bring you an afternoon filled with events like cassette and record player workshops 101 for beginners, diy analog workstation, children's diy tape recorder workspace, pop up record shops, analog Visual zone, RETRO VENDOR AREA and much more! 12:00PM / FREE / All Ages / LINK


Toronto, Canada
CSD2017 + The Dupe Shop Anniversary! 
10:00AM / FREE / 15+ /

Chicago, IL

It's time for the annual CASSETTE STORE DAY, a celebration of one of the most versatile formats for music lovers. In recent years, cassettes have gained in popularity as both collectible items and a great way for DIY bands to get their music out to a hungry audience. This year, we're teaming up with JUMP UP RECORDS, hosting a special pop-up shop to showcase their amazing, limited edition releases for the day. Chuck Wren is going to be performing a once-in-a-lifetime "TJ" set, playing some of his favorite jams right off of cassettes! We'll have some tasty beers from Ska Brewing for 21+ attendees. One lucky person will also win a one-of-a-kind Chema Skandal painted boombox!
Plus, tons of other killer CSD limited-edition releases from bands like Son of a Gun, Pet Symmetry, Pentagram, Tiamat, and lots more!

Cassette Store Day began in the United Kingdom in 2013 and quickly grew to become a global event with the participation of the United States, Japan, Germany and France. Through the efforts of CSD and the stores, labels, bands and fans involved worldwide we've helped keep what was once perceived as a dead format alive and viable in today's digital age!